Friday, December 17, 2010

Should I be on Oxygen in 2011?

The KCC guys are bringing pastoral megastar John Piper out next year for a new conference called Oxygen, pitched at pastors.

I've read a little Piper and heard a talk or two and he seems like a gifted pastor and a good preacher.

So I'm trying to decide if I should go to the conference or not.

I checked out the website and it made me feel depressed!

It seems to assume that pastors find ministry a joyless drudge and need some oxygen to get them up and going again. The conference says it is a chance for me to 'rediscover the joy of gospel ministry'.

I still have the joy of gospel ministry!

Gospel ministry isn't all Tim Tams and ice cream; it has its ups and downs and its challenges and stresses. But it is still a joy and privilege and it still feels like a joy and privilege.

The list of electives makes me feel like patient lying in a hospital bed in need of attention:

1. resuscitate: helping you cope with the stresses of ministry
2. refresh: showing you ways to be revitalised
3. rediscover: helping you renew your passion for gospel ministry.

If you were launching a new conference designed to help pastors, what would you make your initial theme or focus?

What message do you think a bunch of pastor most need to hear?

Are you going to the conference?

Does it's focus resonate with you?

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