Sunday, December 19, 2010

Helpful words from a wiser brother

A brother took the time to encourage me to reflect on my ‘Should I be on Oxygen in 2011’ post. Specifically he suggested it could sound like I was critical of those who found pastoral ministry hard and who are in situations where, by all objective standards it is hard.

He’s right, it could sound like that. And I absolutely would not want to be in any way critical of those who are labouring faithfully for the Lord in difficult circumstances, who visited the Oxygen website and went, ‘that is exactly what I need at the moment – praise God’, especially if they’ve been faithfully putting in the hard yards, quietly for a long time. If anybody can preach in a way that refreshes and renews John Piper can.

If Oxygen is scratching right where they’re itching then praise the Lord, and I hope that I can attain their measure of faithfulness in adversity. I pray that God enables all of us to retain or to recapture the joy of gospel ministry - and then just get on with doing it.

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