Friday, June 11, 2010

Read any good puritans lately?

For a MA subject that is coming up I need to write an essay on a major English puritan writer from 17th century who isn't John Bunyan or Richard Baxter.

The problem is I am deeply ignorant of the puritans, and so those are the only two I've heard of (please stop rolling your eyes now, I feel the crushing weight of my theological incompleteness already)

Can someone please recommend another major puritan whose work:

  • is written in a way that is going to make it relatively easy for me to get my head around what they are saying (so I do OK in the essay)
  • you have found edifying
  • is such that the heart of their theology can be discerned by reading a particular major work rather than a host of little things
Thanks in advance.


  1. if you have more of a headstart I would say John Owen.

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  3. Thanks Seumas; would you recommend a particular book as a good starting point for Owen? My subject isn't until the beginning of August.

  4. The problem with Owen is that he wrote SOOOO much! Good luck with that!