Monday, May 31, 2010

On the outlook for a new archbishop

Peter Bolt at the Australian Church Record (ACR) has joined the hushed conversation about who should be the next Archbishop of Sydney, when Peter Jensen retires. And he thinks I'm wrong.

The ACR article can be found here.

My previous comments are here.

Two names I floated, based on the criteria I suggested were both from England. In his article Peter insists it is imperative that he is someone already playing a role in the dioceses i.e. someone from Sydney who is still ministering in Sydney.

Why is this imperative? Peter says because they must be 'firmly on the trajectory the Diocese is already on' and 'it would be a vote of no confidence in our present direction to turn to someone outside'.

The article does not actually outline what 'trajectory the diocese is already on'. Presumably he does not mean the stagnating numerical growth that seems to be the emerging trend. More likely he means our reformed evangelical theology, the strong emphasise on church planting, the drive to make mission and community connection a stronger part of our DNA and the willingness to re-invent structures in support of those things.

But the Pommy guys whose names I raised are all on that trajectory too, in fact there might be an argument that they are further along it than we are; to the point where we seek their wisdom by inviting them out to speak at MT&D conferences and the like. I fail to see how considering someone with whom strong links already exist, who is on the same tradjectory and who might have something to teach us about the best way to pursue that trajectory entails a vote of no confidence in our present direction.

Am I missing something?

Disclaimer: Peter Bolt taught me New Testament at Moore College for which I am massively thankful. And he writes helpful books. And he is kind to small furry animals.


Friday, May 21, 2010

You know you've grown cynical when...

Ok, so the whole blogging thing has fallen in a heap.

But I came across a video today that made me laugh out loud. And I don't do that, except for Dilbert. This was it: