Sunday, October 25, 2009

You don't turn 100 every day

What do you get when you mix helium, goats, cake and the Bible? You get the 100th birthday of the Anglican Parish of Pennant Hills & Thornleigh (now know as St Mark’s Pennant Hills).

We’ve used the anniversary as a major outreach in our community and ‘massaged’ the date to fit in the period of the Jesus All About Life campaign. (Did you know that if you google ‘Jesus has answers’ – which is the tagline in the JAAL campaign – the second result is!).

We’ve knocked on doors every Sat and Sun afternoon for the last 6 weeks offering ‘a reverse gift for our birthday’ – a copy of the Essential Jesus gospel of Luke produced as part of Connect09.

We organised a petting zoo and jumping castle to be set up out the front of church after our 10am service and put on a BBQ, Birthday cake and helium balloons. We prayed like crazy it wouldn’t rain.

I spoke on Colossians 1:1 – 6, emphasising that God’s purpose for every human being was faith in Christ, love for the saints and the hope that is stored up in heaven.

How did it go?

Well we normally get about 60 adults now days at 10am. This morning there were over 100. Some of them had come because of the visitation program and some had been invited by friends and family. One guest told me that she really wants to connect with church and another indicated that she wanted to do our Christianity Explained course starting next week. Another person has asked to talk to a pastor about what it means to be a Christian. Three of the non-Christian husbands that I regularly pray were there and heard the gospel and were challenged to respond to it with faith, love and hope.

Would you believe light rain started just as the service finished, but it didn’t slow the kids down and they loved the animals and the jumping castle.

God is good.

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