Friday, October 16, 2009

It's nice when they say what the Bible says

At the beginning of chapter 3 of his church planting manual, Tim Keller has a section on 'Church Planter Leadership Qualities' where he says

The single most important thing a leader needs in order to lead is holy, loving,
Christ-like character.
We've been working through the New Testament book of 1 Timothy at church recently and this has been the dominant theme for me as a leader in Christ's church.

It's a humbling theme, because at the end of the day that character comes only by the work of God as I spend time with him and grow in my knowledge of him and my trust in him. There are no short cuts to character. There is no 'purpose driven character' course that I can implement to fast track it.

And I can't compensate for immaturity of character with emotive preaching and flashy leadership. Godly preaching and godly leadership arise out of godly character.

I'm glad God is big.

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