Monday, June 8, 2009

You've got to start somewhere.

I have resisted the urge to blog for a while.

I didn't think it was a good idea because:

  • I worried that the real motivation was pride or vanity. God's not real big on pride or vanity.
  • I might confuse it with 'real work' and waste time that could be better spent (like on visitation or praying or exercising).
  • I suspected I might run out of things worth saying, but not stop saying things.
  • I can do some of this stuff at

In the end I've decided to do it for the following reasons:

  • It raises the profile of St Mark's Penannt Hills. St Mark's doesn't have much of a profile in the diocese. Profile is important for reasons other than vanity and pride. It makes it easier to get people to join your ministry team if they've, you know, heard of you. It makes it more likely that a speaker will accept an invite to speak at your event. It means that when Christians move into your area they are more likely to put you on their 'church shopping' list.
  • It lets me test ideas that don't belong on The church website is designed for people who are investigating coming along to our church. They don't need to read stuff full of Christian jargon or focused on theological ideas or questions of ministry practice. But I'd like a place where I can subject some of my ideas to a bit of 'theological darwinism'; throw them out there and see what others think so that the weak ideas die off and the strong ones prevail.
  • Even if the motive is vanity the outcome is likely to be humility. I am pretty sure that reading other people's comments on my thoughts is going to be a humbling experience.


  1. I am not sure of the worth of blogs either, but your reasoning appeals to me as having some validity. I shall be interesttd in following your thoughts, and I will let you know if you are becoming vain or proud, or I think you would better spend the time praying.


  2. Hi Craig,

    welcome to the blog world. I think it's a great idea so long as you don't let it consume too much time.

    It's an easy way to raise a church's profile. But hey, I live in Melbourne and I've heard of St Mark's (it's the second Gospel isn't?) so there must be something good happening there.

    blog along

  3. With you guys on board, I suspect the humility thing isn't going to be an issue!

  4. I'll do a post on your entry...

  5. Aha! A blog!

    Welcome. Nice colour scheme, if I may be so trivial.

  6. Clearly Gordon, I am a man of discernment taste and style.