Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mark Driscoll and my lack of hippness

I can't spell mishinal and I don't know who Mark Driscoll is; I know...but just deal with it.

But I find myself needing to know something about Mark Driscoll. So, if I wanted to read three books he had published, or listen to three key talks he had given or read three articles he'd written (or some combination thereof), which would give me the best introduction to his 'vibe'?



  1. Maybe because he's so main stream it is actually more hip not to know him.

    'Confessions of a Reformission Reverend' is his autobiography. It is basically the history of Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll's struggles along the way.

    The 'Radical Reformission' (which I think came before Confessions) is also a good insight into what he's on about.

    As for a talk, I'd say this one - - would be worth your time.

  2. Thanks Josh.

    One for the HGTTG fans; 'I'm so hip I can't see over my pelvis'.

    I actually read the Driscoll autobiography one at some point, I vaguely remember coming away with the impression that this was a guy with a sense of humour who was big on contextualisation, but without a clear understanding of the contours of his theology more generally.

    I'll look at that other stuff.

  3. Hi Craig
    here's three
    1. a book you'll actually read on church leadership (short punchy and unpacks some of his ecclesiology)
    2. porn again Christian (reflects his ethics, his pastoral concerns and discipleship methodology)
    3. death by love - fascinating application of his doctrine of the cross to pastoral realities.

    if you wanted a fourth - vintage Jesus - or just download and listen to the series on your ipod.

  4. btw the you can download porn again christian for free along with another new resources on fatherhood.
    (good to read through with guys who want to tackle things head on)

  5. What does it do to my hippness rating to confess that I don't own an ipod?

  6. That explains why you're not up with Driscoll. Most of his material is only accessible by ipod.

  7. you can also watch his video sermons from the mars hill website. In my view, Driscoll is thoroughly orthodox and thoroughly Reformed. He is nothing like Brian Mclaren, Rob Bell, et all who are fuzzy on the essentials.